ECB-FBCS is a member of the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, Inc., and the National Accrediting Agency of Private Theological Institutions.


Accreditation Seal JNAAPTI is an independent educational accrediting agency organized for the purpose of recognizing the quality and achievements of private theological institutions.

NAAPTI does not recognize or accredit theological institutions that offer degrees solely for life experiences or for a fee requiring little or no accepted form of educational achievements.

NAAPTI accreditation is based on a review of an institution’s policies, standards and curriculum and faculty by individuals experienced in education and various field specialties. The evaluation process includes an examination of course materials being offered as well as the validity of faculty credentials.

NAAPTI was established to provide a reputable status of accreditation for private theological institutions such as Bible Institutes, Colleges, Universities and Seminaries. It is the purpose of NAAPTI to provide between all our members the following:

1) fellowship and cooperation that fosters mutual respect, honor and recognition;

2) to encourage standards of excellence while accepting the right of each member to conduct their methodology of teaching and establish their curriculums without influence or judgment;

3) and to establish a means whereby all members agree to accept the credits earned by students from each other member’s institution.

NAAPTI is a non-denominational organization which endorses the teaching of the Christian faith that maintains the accuracy of the Bible.

Membership in NAAPTI is open to any group of Christians, which operates as a theological educational institution, despite race, age, sex, creed, color, national origin, physical handicap or political beliefs.

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icaailogo4ICAAI  is not recognized by the United States Department of Education. Credits earned at any ICAAI accredited institution are not automatically transferable. These credits have been accepted by many other colleges, but absolutely no claims of acceptance are made. Because the convictions and desires of most of our members, we voluntarily maintain separation of church and state, we have never applied for any affiliation with the government. We are an independent accrediting agency, WE ARE NOT REGIONAL. We believe that even small colleges, Bible schools and other Christian institutions, who would not be accepted by the D.O.E. should still have the chance to become an accredited institution.

The purpose of the International Commission on Academic Accreditation, Inc. is to act as an assisting body to help schools in their quest to offer the highest in academic excellence and ethical practices. We are not a board of governance; rather we come alongside to offer help when needed.

ICAAI  is dedicated to advancing the cause of Christian education in our nation and abroad.

ICAAI accepts outstanding Christian colleges, seminaries, schools and institutes that seek involvement in the accreditation process.

The mission of ICAAI is to provide a solid and reliable witness of the strength of Christian education for any institution.